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Dates & Guest Details Friday 22 February 2019 - JIB: Jim Mageean with Barrie & Ingrid Temple

An amalgamation of three of the finest singers from the North East, Jim, Ingrid & Barrie – JIB – are rightly respected for their dynamic singing, infectious enthusiasm, and deep understanding of songs and music from the North of England – particularly those of the River Tyne where they live, and with some of Barrie’s own material. Terrific singing with plenty of opportunity to join in the choruses.

Barrie & Ingrid Temple


Dates & Guest Details Friday 29 March 2019 - Dark Horses: Flossie Malavialle & Keith Donnelly

Dark Horses combines the power and intensity of Flossie’s stunning voice with Keith’s remarkable songwriting and musicianship. They may not seem like an obvious pairing but, in fact, they fit together hand in glove. Keith is an inspired songwriter of serious songs as well as the funny stuff, and Flossie has the perfect voice for his material. Abundant charisma and more than a little Geordie/Gallic humour.

Flossie Malavialle and Keith Donnelly


Dates & Guest Details Friday 26 April 2019 - John Dipper & Dave Malkin

John (viola d’amore) and Dave (guitar, voice) are superb and creative musicians, earning a reputation for elevating traditional music to new heights of sturdy beauty and elegance. This exciting duo is the meeting place for new ideas to meld with historical song and dance tunes, the result being exquisitely honed new works, breaking new ground yet routed within the tradition. A compelling combination.

John Dipper & Dave Malkin


Dates & Guest Details Friday 31 May 2019 - Reg Meuross

Reg is a true modern troubadour who performs his gorgeous songs with humour and depth, representing contemporary English folk writing at its best. His much acclaimed songs of life, love and injustice are soulfully delivered with melodic tenor vocals and exemplary guitar playing.  Reg is also a great raconteur with a warm and engaging stage presence.  Beautifully crafted songs lovingly sung. 

Reg Meuross


Dates & Guest Details