Conditions of sale

Below are the terms of sale for C Wheatstone & Co™ concertinas, please read these conditions before ordering.


Prices given are ex-works and assume specified design, materials and finish. VAT, packing and delivery are extra.

Prices are valid as specified and subject to revision without notice.

Prices may be increased at any time if work is delayed or suspended at the buyer's request.

Value Added Tax (if it should become applicable) will be charged at the current rate on all invoices. The tax point is the invoice date.

As models cannot usually be supplied immediately from stock the final price will be that prevailing at date of dispatch.


For each new instrument a deposit of £100.00 Sterling is required to place a provisional order on the waiting list.

All deposits and advance payments are non-returnable in the event of cancellation of the order by the buyer.

Confirmation of order

Prior to commencement of an order, required specification and offer price will be confirmed and a payment of one third of the offer price will become due.

In the case of custom built instruments further interim payments may be requested during the course of construction.

The offer is subject to the conditions of sale, specification and confirmation quotation only. Any conditions accompanying the buyer's acceptance of the offer will be inapplicable.

Sample component, drawings and materials sent for approval remain the property of the vendor and may be recalled for future use or reference at the buyer's expense.


The full balance of the final price, plus packing and any delivery charges, must be paid in full against the final proforma invoice. Cheques must be cleared before any goods are collected or dispatched and payment on collection must be in cash.

All payments must be in £ Sterling.


The goods may be delivered at the buyer's request but packing and delivery are charged extra. Delivery charges may include packing fees and transit insurance. All Import and Export duties and fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

Delivery dates cannot be specified when instruments are not available from stock. Any indication of possible delivery time by the vendor is given as an estimate only and cannot be taken as a firm delivery date in any way.

Unless otherwise stated instruments are dispatched complete, assembled and tuned A=440 Hz international concert pitch in equal temperament and ready for use.

English Law shall be applied to the construction and interpretation hereof.