Newsletter - 2002

Dear Everyman Member,

We are delighted to enclose details of Guests booked for the Everyman between September 2002 and May 2003 – together with a couple of forms for advance ticket bookings.  Whilst sending out these flyers, we wish to take this opportunity to mention a few things that may be of interest to you.

Membership / Public Entertainments Licensing

Many of you have heard talk of the ‘Two in a Bar Rule’ and enforcement of Public Entertainments Licenses, and some folk have expressed concern that the Everyman may be threatened by this legislation.

Don’t panic! – your folk club is safe - the Everyman runs as a Private Members Club, and this has been enforced since the Queens Head ceased to hold a Public Entertainments License.  Membership is free, and only requires that your name and address details be recorded on our membership list – which it is if you have received this letter!  (The membership list is not made available to any other parties).

Effectively, anyone attending an Everyman event must be an existing Member – so if you are bringing with you friends who have not been before, please call us to register their details in advance so they are not turned away at the door.

Sponsorship of Recording

Those of you who made it to the Club in March or April may recall Martyn Wyndham-Read and Dave Fletcher & Bill Whaley Fletcher mention Song Links – a bringing together of English traditional songs with their Australian variants.  Many traditional songs from the British Isles emigrated to Australia with genuine immigrants, transported criminals and sailors.  The oral process will have altered these songs, both in terms of words and melodies so that, in some cases, they take on a whole new identity.

The Song Links Project will lead to a double CD featuring some of the best exponents of traditional songs, accompanied by an informative book acknowledging the collectors of these songs.  Featured artists will include The Copper Family, John Kirkpatrick, Dave Fletcher & Bill Whaley, Ruth Hazleton & Kate Burke, Danny Spooner, and Martyn Wyndham-Read.

The Everyman Folk Club is to sponsor a track on the double CD (one of those performed by Dave Fletcher & Bill Whaley) and you – as an Everyman Member – will be able to buy the double CD from the club at a significant discount.  We don’t yet know quite when the double CD will be available, nor the pricing, but details will be made available at Everyman evenings (and on the web site for those who have access).

Floor Singers

And finally a plea – we would love to have more volunteers for floor spots so please let us know if you would like to perform at the Everyman.

We hope you are having a grand Summer – and look forward to seeing you in the Autumn.

Best wishes,