Newsletter - 2005

Dear Everyman Member,

Future Guests

Please find enclosed details of Guests booked for the Everyman between September 2005 and May 2006.  Some Artists have been before, while others are new to the Everyman.  Again, there is a good mix of traditional and contemporary.  It is very exciting to start in September with Nancy & James from Australia, and we hope you will take advantage of having an internationally renowned act at your club.  We are also delighted to bring you two lovely Canadian lasses to end the season in May.  Steve and I first encountered Christine and Jean at the Four Fools Festival a couple of years ago – it has taken this long to arrange a UK tour for them to bring them to Benhall!  So, we’re looking forward to another exciting year.

Tickets and Advance Payment

We’re thrilled to be able to hold our ticket prices for yet another year – fantastic!  Thanks to your continued support, the Everyman remains financially stable so there is no need for a ticket price increase.  Tickets are very good value, discounted to £4 for advance payment and otherwise £5 when paid for on the door.  Please find enclosed a couple of booking forms.  Additional forms are always available on Club evenings (and on the web site).

We were saddened to hear talk that an act can’t be worth hearing if the ticket price is less than £7, £8, £9 or more.  What a load of rubbish!  We genuinely believe the Everyman offers excellent value for money – providing not only the chance to see top line guests for as little as £4, but also an inexpensive night out at a venue with a subsidised bar (baah?).  So, if you hear folk complaining about ticket prices, please encourage them to visit the Everyman – they’re welcome to make an additional donation if they feel they are being undercharged!


The Everyman continues to run as a Private Members Club at a venue with its own Public Entertainments Licence.   Membership is free, and only requires that each Member’s name and address details are recorded on our membership list – which they are if you have received this letter!  (The membership list is not made available to any other parties).  Please remember to let us know of any changes to your contact details.

Education Programme

A very exciting development this year has been the Everyman’s liaison with Suffolk Folk to sponsor folk artists visiting local schools – more details are provided on the enclosed bulletin.  Your on-going support of the Everyman has raised sufficient funds (in spite of the exceptional low price but incredible good value of tickets) to make this possible so … THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Floor Singers

We are truly blessed with a remarkable quantity and quality of Floor Singers, but we are always seeking new volunteers so, if you would like to perform at the Everyman, please do let us know.

We hope you are having a great Summer – and look forward to seeing you in the Autumn.

Best wishes,